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Legal Background

Steve received his Bachelor's Degree from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York. He received his Juris Doctor cum laude from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in 1985 and was admitted to the California Bar in 1989. After a short stint doing civil litigation in New York City, he joined the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office where he served as a line deputy, a felony trial deputy, and then a gang prosecutor in the Hardcore Gang Unit in downtown Los Angeles.

Thereafter, Steve Levine spent three years with the California Supreme Court in San Francisco as a Staff Lawyer for Justice Carlos Moreno.

Once he left the Supreme Court in 2004, he opened his defense practice and has, over the years, successfully represented dozens of clients in all types of difficult and complex cases in both State and Federal court. He acted as Of Counsel to Christensen, Glaser, Fink, Jacobs, Weil & Shapiro, and worked closely with renowned Defense Attorney Robert Shapiro for many years. He recently was the appellate arm of the defense team representing heiress Paris Hilton. He has quietly represented many celebrities. He is a legal analyst and trusted media source. He is currently Of Counsel to Attorney and News Analyst Robin Sax .

Steve Levine has conducted over 125 jury trials, including more than 20 murder trials. As a California Supreme Court staff lawyer, Steve drafted dozens of opinions and analyzed thousands of cases. Steve offers a unique perspective in criminal defense law and possesses an uncanny ability to dig deep into the legal issues at hand to find the best solutions possible to assist his clients.

Former Prosecutor and Now Defense Attorney

Steve Levine has been involved in the prosecution, defense and appeal in thousands of cases. That perspective can be immensely beneficial in your case as a defense attorney, since it includes a keen awareness of the prosecutors and judges who will be assigned to your case. While no criminal attorney can guarantee an outcome in any case, Steve's knowledge of criminal law and how the system works has greatly benefited his clients.

Motions for New Trial and Appellate Lawyer

Similarly, if you have been convicted, and are upset with the result, Steve Levine can read a cold transcript "between the lines," which enables him to spot the issues that will give you the best chance on a new trial motion, appeal, and habeas petition. Post-trial motions and appeals are very difficult endeavors, as trial judges typically have a stake in preserving “their” jury’s guilty verdict, and appellate courts are instructed to give a jury's verdict a presumption of correctness. Nonetheless, lawyers, judges and jurors make mistakes, and Steve has achieved many excellent results for his post-trial clients.

Immigration and Federal Criminal Law

Additionally, many non-citizens are now in deportation proceedings arising from very old state convictions. Steve Levine regularly works with immigration attorneys to vacate California State convictions that can result in deportation. He also regularly gives advice to clients with potential immigration issues so that a guilty plea in state court does not impact their federal immigration status. Steve also represents clients who have been charged in Federal court, in complex multi-defendant cases.

DUI Lawyer

DUI cases are incredibly complex, are a specialized area of law, and Steve has handled dozens of DUI cases. DUI is both a civil and criminal prosecution, and Steve personally handles both your DMV hearing and criminal case. Steve has insight into DUI cases from their inception to the trial, and knows that they may be won with a suppression motion, with a challenge to scientific evidence, or through impeachment of the officer, whether at the DMV hearing, on motion or at trial. DUI case law is always evolving, and Steve stays current. He will fairly assess your DUI case at the initial consultation and will make sure you know what is at stake, both civilly and criminally, and what can be done and cannot be done, before he is hired.

State Board Licensing

Steve has represented many individuals who are licensed by a State Licensing Board, and whose license is in jeopardy. Steve has successfully represented doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, car salesmen, nurses, beauticians, and aestheticians whose licenses and thus livelihood has been at risk. The administrative law associated with these cases is distinct from criminal law, but no less important as it is impossible to work without your license; and if you do, there are potential criminal consequences.

Hiring Steve

Steve knows that your specific criminal law issue, licensing issue, immigration issue, or appellate issue is of paramount importance to you and causes you great concern – his goal is to provide you with the highest quality legal service by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your case and formulating a strategy that will gain you the best result.

Do not leave your case to anything less than the finest lawyer you can get -- your future depends on making the right choices now -- when it is most critical. Call now for a free consultation with Steve Levine and let him put the experience and hands-on legal expertise he commands at your service.

Steven Graff Levine is a California 'Super Lawyer' and has specialized in California State Criminal Law for over 25 years. He was a Los Angeles County District Attorney for 13 years, a Staff Lawyer for the California Supreme Court for three years, and now has an ongoing Criminal Law Defense practice to help those in need of legal assistance in all types of criminal matters. Steve was just named a 2012 California Super Lawyer, and he is a 2010 graduate of the prestigious Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College.

Types of Cases

His criminal caseload ranges from misdemeanors to serious felonies, and includes DUI cases, theft cases, drug cases, robberies and murders. Steve has also successfully represented clients in complex Federal Cases. Steve knows that your case is incredibly important to you, and weighs on you every day. He is ready to help, no matter what the charge.

And Steve's many years working on the California Supreme Court gives him a strong motion practice – of critical importance if your case involves significant issues of law separate and apart from the merits of your case. Steve has won dozens of pre-trial motions, including suppression motions, evidentiary motions and writs, and he has won several new trial motions.

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