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"Steve Levine is one of the best, if not the best of California's defense attorneys. He brings a hefty weight of experience and know-how to the courtroom and is able to carry the most difficult cases to successful completion with a level of professionalism and dedication unrivaled in today's legal world. If you are looking for a top notch lawyer to represent you in a legal matter, look no further."

-- James D.
Civil Rights Attorney

"I am an entertainment lawyer, and refer ALL my criminal cases to Steve.  Every client, bar none, has gotten a positive result, and each one has been impressed with Steve’s know-how, knowledge of the system and knowledge of the people in the system.  And each client was doubly impressed with how accessible Steve was; how he returned all phone calls promptly, and took the time to answer all of their questions."

 -- Martin S.
Entertainment Attorney

"I was charged with a gross vehicular manslaughter and was looking at 12 years in prison.  My first lawyer never returned phone calls, and when I did see her in court, she gave me the run around.  I found Steve through a referral, and was immediately impressed with his knowledge and compassion.  He hired an accident reconstructionist, alcohol expert, and traffic expert, and through a series of negotiations, got my charge reduced, and I spent one year in prison.  I am out now, and am eternally grateful to Steve."

-- Steve M.

"Steve has appeared in my court on dozens of occasions and has conducted several trials.  I am always impressed with his professionalism, courtroom presence, and his tenacity in defending his clients.  Over the years, I have recommended him to friends who need a criminal lawyer.  Steve is a great person, and a great advocate."

-- Jack H.
Superior Court Judge

"There are no harder-working, smarter-thinking attorneys on the bar. I have the uptmost respect for Steve in Court and have seen him work the weakest cases to a successful outcome. Nothing short of phenonmenal given the dramatic efforts involved to bring about a strong case from nothing."

-- Robert M.
Court of Appeals Justice

"When I needed a good attorney to take my criminal case on appeal, I got a great one instead.  Steve’s research and writing skills are sick.  He wrote an amazing opening brief, and reply brief, and his argument to the Court of Appeals was nothing short of magnificent.  My conviction was overturned, and my life was returned to me.  Steve did more for me than any person in my life."

-- Justin T.

"When I met Steve, I was in jail, having just been convicted of a felony sexual battery of a patient.  My life was in ruins.  Steve obtained bail for me on appeal, wrote a 40-page new trial motion, and got the same judge who convicted me to toss my felony conviction.  And when the same judge tried to stick me with a lesser conviction, Steve appealed to the Court of Appeal, and the Court of Appeal tossed that conviction as well!  I am not sure if the prosecutor liked Steve after that, but I thank my lucky stars each day that I hired Steve.  I got my license back, and can now provide for my family.  Thank you Steve!"

-- Hossein B.

"I was charged with six separate crimes, and had been suspended from my job.  Steve came to my house to meet my wife and four children to explain to them, in person, I had been wrongfully accused. Steve also spoke to my employer, and while I was unable to work, I still got paid.  That helped so much.  After months of information gathering, and several motions, the case went to trial, and Steve was amazing, convincing the jury to acquit me on all counts.  The jury thanked Steve after the trial, and commented on his passion for my case and great closing argument.  I am back at work,  Steve saved my life."

-- Jess S.

"I was guilty, but there was an explanation.  I did not want to be deported.  Steve worked up my case, and engaged in several negotiations with the prosecutor.  I could see from my seat in the audience that the prosecutor, court staff and judge all liked and respected Steve.  Steve consulted an immigration attorney to determine what charges would not subject me to deportation, and he put together a package showing my life achievements along with letters in support.  I am not sure how he did it, but through his perseverance, I received a plea bargain that was immigration proof, and I was not deported.  I am so grateful to Steve and all of the hard work he did on my behalf."

-- George M.

"When I met Steve, I had met three lawyers before him.  He was the only lawyer not to bullshit me.  He told me the negatives and the positives, and what could and could not be done.  And he did not pressure me.  I hired Steve, and if anything, he undersold his abilities.  He was able to get my charge reduced to a misdemeanor, and eventually, the case was dismissed."

-- Ron T.

"I was arrested on a felony domestic violence charge, and was very, very scared.  I met Steve, and he explained that he would try to convince the police and prosecutor not to file my case as felony.  He wrote letters, and made follow up phone calls, and my case was instead set for an office hearing, after which, the case was not filed.  I went from be a felon to a free man.  Steve always returned my calls, and always made me feel better about this ordeal.  Thank you Steve."

-- Scott S.
Reviews on Los Angeles Attorney

"The wisdom of our sages and the blood of our heroes has been devoted to the attainment of trial by jury. It should be the creed of our political faith ..."

– Thomas Jefferson


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