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The Criminal Law Firm of Steve Levine specializes in all aspects of criminal law, including serious felonies and misdemeanors. The firm has represented clients charged with a host of crimes involving the most serious you may encounter, including:

  • appeals
  • arson
  • assault and battery
  • attempted murder
  • bench warrants
  • conspiracy
  • disorderly conduct
  • domestic violence
  • DUI
  • drug offenses
  • expungement
  • extortion
  • gun possession
  • hit and run
  • juvenile crime
  • murder
  • restraining orders
  • sex offenses
  • stalking
  • theft offenses
  • vandalism
  • white collar crimes

The Law Office of Steve Levine is a full-service criminal law firm that is uniquely suited to assist you when you have pressing legal troubles. We are ready and able to assist you in serious criminal matters and have a wide breadth of experience with the criminal and civil court systems in California.

The Criminal Law Firm of Steve Levine is conveniently located in Los Angeles and is open M-F 9am until 6pm. To arrange an appointment or free initial consulation, please call our office at (310) 497-1974.

For more pressing situations, Steve can be reached at the above number, any time of the day or night.


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"...Nor shall any person be... deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law...."

– US Constitution

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